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Trouble & Strife - Mission

We are a Social, Family and friend guild that raids casually during the week. Our objective is to be Raiding 8pm to 11pm or so Server Time on the nights rostered on the ingame calander. This includes both Progression and Achievements. But! we are not all about raiding. We want our members to have fun, socialise and help eachother out. Get together and dungeon, quest, pvp etc.

Casually raiding does not mean slack. Given the vagaries of Real Life, If you sign up for a raid and cannot make it, be there or make apologies before hand, ingame, ingame mail, website, SMS, you can probably manage something. Come prepared with Flasks for 4 hours and food for 4 hours. We will probably have Feasts and Cauldrons available, but don't rely on it please. Be repaired and stocked on consumables and whatever else is required for your function in the raid. Be sure to look up any fights beforehand that you may be attempting. If you cant/might not be able to stay the whole time please tell us ahead of time so we can arrange for replacements. Yes, that means you might not be guaranteed a spot, but please be considerate to your fellows. The same goes for if you are experiencing frequent crashes and consistent lag.

We will aim to publish the expected weekly runs ahead of time on the in game calender, so you know what you can and cant PUG.

We pride ourselves on being a mature and friendly guild. We encourage you to get to know your fellow guildies, make friends, help one another out and offer advice. T-Bagging, profanity, mysogyny and homophobia are not welcome in raid chat, guild chat, trade chat or vent. Such activity that brings the guild into disrepute is also not welcome. Occasional slip ups are expected under various circumstances, but continuous use of such language is unacceptable. Abuse of guild or raid members is also unacceptable. If you ever have a problem with anyone or anything within the guild take it to your Raid Leader, an Officer or Guild Leader in whispers. Too much negativity from one player will result in g-kick. We want everyone to be happy and enjoy their time here, and if someone is not enjoying themselves they are best to find another guild that suits their personailty.

Vent is a tool, its also fun. Chat is encouraged, use it keep in touch with each other outside of raid time. Raiding is a different matter. Please keep quiet when your Raid Leader is talking to people and discuss relevant information only when in boss fights. At other times, keep chatter to a low buzz. Be sure to always ask an officers permission to give vent details to people outside of the guild.

Certain AddOns are expected to be installed if you are Raiding regularly. Ask your raidleader what is required. If your PC really can't cope, then talk to an Officer about it and we can make an exception for you, but it is expected that you will have the required AddOns.

Lastly be sure to read the "Guild Info" thread in member forums on site, for extra information and expectations.

This is supposed to be fun. These directions are about making it fun for everyone.

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